What to Look for When Choosing a New Baby Pacifier

Pacifiers are designed differently and as such, they come in different nipple shapes, designs, and colors. If you are introducing these parenting tools to your child for the first time, it is necessary that you opt for pacifiers with standard nipple shapes. Mostly, pacifiers come in two sizes: those for below 6 months and above 6 months. Whichever style and size your baby likes, it is paramount to ensure that you only purchase the best pacifiers that are sturdy and reliable. Pacifiers with parts that can come apart pose a serious threat and danger to the baby since the parts can be swallowed.

Here are several aspects to consider when shopping for a new pacifier:

Rounded vs. orthodontic

The best orthodontic pacifiers have nipples whose bottom is flat and the top rounded. These pacifiers were mainly designed to help in preventing tooth troubles in the baby’s later life. They’re the best pacifiers for newborns. On the other hand, rounded pacifiers are traditional pacifiers and have rounded nipples. There are babies who prefer rounded pacifiers to orthodontic ones but the choice of the ideal pacifier to purchase should be dependent on the baby’s preferences. It is worth noting that both types have been noted to enhance baby biting problems such as overbites. It is, therefore, necessary to limit the time duration within which the baby stays with a pacifier to minimize and prevent dental damage.

Silicone or latex pacifier?

Silicone and latex are both excellent materials for pacifiers but the choice of either narrows down to the baby’s preferences. Latex is soft and retains scent but does not clean well. Additionally, it can easily be chewed up especially if the baby has teeth. On the other hand, silicone is hard, sturdy, cleans up easily and does not retain any odor. This makes it a better choice than latex but if your baby prefers latex to silicone then you have to consider his/her preference.


Small size pacifiers are a potential choking hazard to babies. As such, it is necessary that you do not choose a pacifier that measures less than 1.5 inches across. Especially when you’re choosing the best pacifiers for breastfed babies. This is the federal approved size and pacifiers that are smaller than this do not meet the federal safety standards on pacifiers. Well established brands are known to adhere to this requirement but lesser popular and super cheap ones may not meet the standard. Therefore, you should measure the pacifier of choice especially if the manufacturer has not indicated its measurements. The size of the ideal pacifier to purchase is dependent on the baby’s age.

Design of pacifier

Baby pacifiers come in two main designs: single piece and multi-piece pacifiers. Single piece pacifiers also called one-piece pacifiers are made from one molded silicone, latex or piece of plastic. The best aspect about these pacifiers is that they are solid (one piece) and cannot come apart. This minimizes the baby’s risk of choking on the pacifier. On the other hand, multi-piece pacifiers are made from a combination of three parts (guard, nipple, and handle). These parts are made individually and then assembled together to form a pacifier. The only downside to these pacifiers is that if the parts are not firmly assembled together, they pose a choking hazard to the baby. Both single and multi-pacifiers come in different creative designs for uniqueness. They are customized to make them more appealing to babies.

Consider reviews

Reviews provide you with factual information and details on the experience of using any particular pacifier you may be looking for. The most amazing aspect of reviews is that they can also help you know if the pacifier of choice has previously been recalled due to safety issues and other related concerns. Ideally, you should only choose pacifiers with positive reviews left by parents who have used the pacifiers on their babies.

Vent holes in pacifiers

It is common for babies to develop rashes due to the constant moisture found beneath the pacifier’s shield. To prevent your baby from suffering from the rashes, it is advisable to choose pacifiers with vent holes. These holes allow air into the baby’s skin thus preventing the likelihood of rashes developing. Other aspects such as color, design, and style are entirely personal preferences that do not affect the performance of the pacifiers in any way. However, brightly colored pacifiers are a great choice since they are easy to locate if misplaced.

Always settle on pacifiers that are durable, sturdy in construction and are easy to clean. Such pacifiers are bound to give you unlimited service throughout their lifespan. Additionally, with such pacifiers, you do not need to worry about the risk of choking or strangulation. You can get high-quality pacifiers at affordable prices thereby saving a few dollars that you can use for other purposes.