7 Reasons Why a Good Baby Monitor is a Must

As a parent, your baby’s safety and well-being should come first at all times. As such, you should do everything in your power to ensure that you keep an eye on the baby throughout the day and night. The easiest way to do this is by purchasing a baby monitor to keep track of your baby even when both of you are in different rooms/places. These monitors come in different specifications and have different features depending on quality, performance, and functionality. Some of the main reasons why you should invest in a good baby monitor include:

Peace of mind

With a high-end baby monitor, it will become easy for you to have peace of mind since you know that the monitor will alert you in case of any emergency. These monitors are very reliable and their likelihood of malfunctioning is usually next to zero. Additionally, good monitors rarely send false signals and therefore, you will receive real-time updates on the situation in the baby’s room from wherever you are in the house. Typically, a monitor should be able to help you keep track of the baby easily without any hustles whatsoever.

Sleep training

A good baby monitor is a very reliable tool for sleep training. Most of the times when the baby is fussy, they only want to capture your attention and spend time with you. This is not always possible at all times especially since you need to attend to other tasks around the house. It is definitely hard to assure yourself that the baby is alright if you are unable to see their lying position, monitor heart rate and oxygen level. A baby monitor particularly a video monitor can be expressly helpful in sleep training by enabling you to make confident judgments even when the baby is crying loudly. This is because after a few minutes of crying, the baby will most likely fall asleep.

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Baby’s health and safety

Research studies show that baby monitors are tremendously reliable and useful in preventing SIDS; a common killer syndrome in infants. At times, you may presume that the baby is fast asleep while in reality, he/she is actually suffering from a SIDS attack. With a good monitor, you will be able to respond to the baby promptly if you do not notice any motion/breathing alert in the baby rooms after a minute or so.

Monitor your nanny

You can never trust anyone completely when it comes to taking care of your baby. This is why you can rely on a good monitor to watch your nanny and how she is behaving around the baby while you are at work. You can also use the monitor to confirm any of your doubts about the nanny’s parenting skills. There are certainly instances when you may find out that the nanny or any other person attending to the baby may not be handling the baby as you would want.

Monitor your older children when they are around a baby

You can always trust your older children to take good care of the baby but it does not hurt to monitor their behavior around the baby. Often, kids will love playing with babies but not all games are safe for the baby. Due to this, there is need to ensure that you rely on a good monitor to watch your children as they spend their time together. Overall, these monitors will help you in ensuring that your children, young and old alike live in a healthy and safe environment at all times.

Sleep soundly

Being active throughout the day and awake for the better part of the night is not healthy for you. This is because your body also needs to rest and rejuvenate in preparation to face another day. Without a baby monitor, it is hard for you to enjoy a restful night as you will have to wake up from time to time to check the baby. However, with a good baby monitor, you can sleep soundly knowing that in case of any emergency, the monitor will alert you and enable you to respond promptly.

A good monitor will soothe the baby back to sleep when you can’t reach the baby’s room

High-quality monitors come with inbuilt polyphonic lullabies that are designed to help you calm down the baby when you can’t reach his/her room. You can turn on the lullabies and soothing lights with a single button push on the parent unit. What is more amazing about these monitors is that there are some brands that allow you to add your own tunes. Therefore, if there is any tune or song that seems to please your baby the most, you can add it to the monitor and play it when the baby becomes fussy.

While it is not a must to have a baby monitor, the services and reliability offered by a good monitor is invaluable. It is worth noting that a good monitor can help you save the baby’s life when the baby is exposed to any safety hazard or danger. On a lighter note, a video baby monitor can keep you entertained as you watch the baby doing some funny things when alone.